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What is required to see through all the ‘fog’ is balanced brain thinking. YOU are my dream and i would like to sail in some way. This is represented physically (below) by corrupt hierarchical governments, personal statement medical school writing service secret societies and corporations exploiting people and the environment. If you come to South Africa , or planing to come here , please contact me , will organize free stay and treat you in the friendly South African way ! I discuss the language issue in order to bring enlightenment on both French and Kreyol.  We know that in Haiti during the 30-year dictatorship, the educators in Haitian never really talked about the serious problems of Haitian education.  In fact, one of the confusions that have been propagated is the exaggerated concern between French and Kreyol in order to avoid showing that it's politics that causes the major problems and not whether the school is committed to French or Kreyol.  As a linguist, I contend that the problem of language is important, but secondary to the reality of politics.  It is politics that can create the conditions for educational quality and opportunity in Haiti and not what language one speaks.  Language is just a medium; you can use any language in education.  So, the real problem is not really one between French and Creole, the way many educators in Haiti used to show it in order to avoid touching on the political reality and how it really defines the contours of our educational expectations. It is like eating at Mcdonald’s everyday an wanting to be healthy! Balance is how you get yourself out of the deceptive net of lies that have been sold via the controllers mind-control programs. As someone who is pretty much hooked on your channel and wanting to try out sailing I’ll take all the suggestions you can give. A great read! Thanks to you guys & luv ‘ya! Great article again Cameron! Interesting that Mark Passio is also attempting to hammer home the deception behind much of what he calls “New Age Bullshit”. Eastern religions cite reincarnation as a basis for soul dynamics. Everything that doesn’t allow that to be possible I destroy and uncreate… Poc and pod!!! This has to be an ever-evolving, co-creative process that we will continually discover as we engage it. You two are living the life I want to have! Omg…what an amazing way of putting it. Morel Berthold, E. W. Védrine and the late Haitian educator, Tony Jean-Jacques on the issue to found a private Haitian High School in Boston, the problems of Haitian students in American schools, and the value of education in Haitian society with an emphasis on bilingualism and bilingual education. All three of us have lived in the Haitian community of Boston for a long time. PPS I think Cameron deserves kudos for leaving a good number of challenging comments up on his blog. The ocean is very unpredictable as we have learnt. Prior to 1987, Scientology was so successful that people were becoming psychics by the droves. Thanks so much for this guide. I’ve had dreams of doing this for 40 years but never was as lucky as Riley to find a willing companion so did most of my global travelling by airplane instead. Im here to help, so why block me?

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Maybe we’ll run into each other out there some day. Some of the things I can’t help noticing is that many channelings contradict one another even though the same “lord” or whoever is being channeled by different people. Ryan, have you read the other articles? I have enjoyed the vids and the book. Thanks a lot guys! awesome info, will try to follow your steps very soon…. I wish you well. When you get home buy a lotto ticket. Love, Love the videos you both are awesome, and have inspired me heaps. Cameron, lots of appreciation to u. When I read your article of course it made sense. Ten European teams and four South American teams progressed to the knockout stage, together with Japan and Mexico. Help him escape from the routine and keep dreaming of reaching the dream of freedom. Its been lovely to see you both sailing and I wish fine weather and may wind always be at your back. One suggestion I would have is to have another channel or something to show the not-so-glam life of the maintenance and planning etc. Well done! Thank you for sharing! We’re manifesting this whole 3D show – so as long as we still see something to fight or oppose, we’re not yet clear of it.

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Also props to Elayna for the Canadian content in her music selection. Corinne Etienne (Ph.D, steps to follow in creative writing in French Linguistics. I have had all kinds of problems from financial, work, personal safety, and energy drains that I have to continuously fix. I sold everything I owned including my boat, that turned out to be a bad decision. Might I add if you wish to follow astrology that perhaps you should really do a study on the Nodes. Can you check this event out for tomorrow? You asked me about my opinion. Well, it took me a while to read the text “Why I Am No Longer a Light Worker” due to other priorities but now I made it and wanted to reply some thoughts. It is good to use discrimination and test what you connect with, but I think this article is dramatic and promotes fear in the reader. Always wondered about cooking an time it took, your good girl. Love the book! I have never sailed but I am inspiring to become a sailor one day with my own yacht 🙂 Great read on some of the basic things I would be looking for! Would love to hear more about the social aspect of what otherwise seems like a rather lonely venture. THANK YOU!! This make so much “sense” to me and it explains a lot of my uprising nagging questions and inner knowing/feeling that I havent been able to put into words over the last year… I will always choose truth over sugarcoated BS, keeping me enslaved and drained in contracts and sh*t! He refuses to separate himself from 'common Haitians'. You guys are so great to compile this little book and gift it to all of us. From your website I’m learning about energy refund, reclaiming my energy, shielding protocols, dream shielding and so much more.

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However, this feeling of universal oneness and love is actually emerging from INSIDE of the being, and it is being reflected back to them by the ToK and the liararchy. There is much truth in this. However, the main problem is that we are tricked by YHWH (= Yaldaboth in the Nag Hammadi texts) to make things that causes us to have karma we can then be accused for, so that he can keep us in his realm through making us incarnate here again. You guys have been very inspiring to me. As a new sailboat owner myself, I found your experiences very inspiring to where I eventually want try blue water sailing. That’s right. devil is in charge down here. I think that the raft is also essential. A Lord of Karma decide which karmic debt is necessary according with what you have done in a life time… It is impossible to erase a bad action!

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